How to make friends in your twenties!?

q u e s t i o n: Hi! I am a newish graduate with my first big girl job in Atlanta. My last year of college I couldn't wait to get out and for my life to start. However, I find that more often than not I'm spending time alone and I feel my twenties slipping away. I moved home to save money and currently commute to work. I guess my question is, how does one make friends in her twenties?? It's not easy when there isn't a row of girls' dorms to introduce myself to. I'm definitely a doer and want to get out there and have fun with girls my own age. (Truly, I also think it would relieve my boyfriend of the pressure of always having to do stuff with me). 

Thank you for your time! I love your blog!!


q u e s t i o n: Hi Jen, 

If you were to look at my social media, it would seem that I have a lot of friends. In reality I don't. I have friends here and there, but I don't really belong to a "friend group." I don't have a group of people that go out and do fun things together. I never joined a sorority, and don't really know how to meet people. I see you and your bachelor girls going out and having fun and I want a support system like that. What do I do?



Hey Friendless! (lets change that)

OK first off, ask yourself why you think you don't have friends... Are you a closed off person? Negative? Loyal? Kind? Possibly a Debbie-downer?? Taking a look at yourself and recognizing both the good and bad qualities, is a great start... because if you're lacking in a certain area you can work on it. You can also pull confidence from your good qualities and what you have to offer! Self awareness is key to self-growth, and we can all use some improvement.

Be the kind of person that you'd want to be friends with.

I'm sure you have those great qualities in you!

Next... you have to put yourself out there. Just like in any relationship, whether romantic or friendship. Look up some group/community based activities in your area. Yoga classes, soul cycle, book club, happy hours etc... anything that interests you that gets you around like-minded people your age. From there, strike up conversations-- the more open and friendly you are, the more you'll naturally attract people.

Also, IDK if you've heard of this, but Bumble for Friends is a thing ;) just saying, it's worth checking out. 

I hope this helps! 

Your friend,

Jen xx