Body image & how to strike a balance with my health.

q u e s t i o n : Hi Jen!!

I'm a sophomore in college, and while I'm a huge success on paper/on the outside, I believe my obsession with dieting and staying thin is threatening all of that. How do you manage to stay so healthy/in great shape while enjoying yourself? Do you ever feel guilt? Any good tips? Thank you :)

Hey *****!

OK I think the most important thing to remind yourself is that fitness/”looking good” isn’t everything… and obsessing over what you look like is going to leave you miserable in the end.

I eat healthy and workout more often than not because it’s good for my health… and I feel confident and sexy when I’m strong. However I don’t let that lifestyle consume me, nor should you.

Occasionally (actually quite often) I indulge, and no I don’t feel guilty about it because there’s nothing wrong with it... it actually keeps me sane. This girl right here loves her red wine, tequila & carbs.

If I go an entire month without indulging a little, I’d be a very bitter person ;)

The thing is, if I over-indulge TOO much, I don’t feel good because it’s just unhealthy… and I notice a difference in my body. No one likes to feel like a popped can of biscuits you knoww?

This alone drives me to be a little more strict about my health routine and I’ll get back on track.

So just listen to your body and adjust as needed.

Every now and then, enjoy a bowl of pasta, or few bites of a donut… whatever you really love that you’ve been holding out on. I mean don’t go crazy and eat the entire pantry, always consume small doses of the yummy stuff. (I’m the two bite monster)

If you get into a bad habit of eating poorly and skipping the gym, you probably won’t like how it feels either and that’ll get you back on track.

Set you intentions: Workout because you love your body … not because you’re obsessed with how it looks. And NEVER aim for "thin", aim for strong and healthy.

Remember, your body doesn’t define you!

Just relax, don’t obsess and remember everything in moderation.

Having a rock hard body is great… but if it’s at all negatively affecting your life, then you need to re-prioritize stat.

Life’s too short to obsess over anything… because it’s all so minuscule in the big picture.

If I can give you ONE singular tip with this, it would be to work on loving yourself. It may sound cheesy but it's important. This includes accepting your flaws and focusing on being the best version of yourself (not physically). When you truly learn love yourself, your health will fall into place and this will all come easily to you. 

I think you might enjoy this post I did on striking a healthy balance in life: A Balanced Lifestyle- what does it mean to you? 

Healthy vibes your way, 

Jen x