My ex has moved on, and I'm crushed...

Dear Jen,

This guy and I have been close family friends since we were 16 (we are now in our mid twenties). We were very much in love with serious talk of marriage. He recently just stopped sharing things in his life with me & we would argue over every little thing. He didn't have the decency to break up with me but around September I broke up with him.

I just heard he has been seeing this other girl ever since.

Saying I'm crushed would be an understatement. Please help me salvage the remains. I look up to you so much!


Heartbreak Hell

Well hello Heartbreak Hell,

(lets maybe work on a better nickname?)

Ughhh life. Life can be a bitch right? And totally unfair. I'm truly sorry for your pain, and if it helps to know, I'm quite familiar with it too. 

Here's the thing... you have to remember that it wasn't a healthy relationship and there's a reason you broke up.

It's only normal to feel jealousy, regret and all those other horrible feelings when you see them move on and be happy with someone else… because I know you still care about him. You're human and those feelings are completely justified. 

HOWEVER, if he's moved on… it's time for you to as well.

Being sad and miserable is a state of mind... it's all in your thoughts and you are completely in control of them. It's ok to be sad for a little while, cry, let it out, vent to your friends… but the sooner you can pick yourself back up and move forward, the easier this will be on you. 

From here on out, absorb your days with things that make you feel happy and fulfilled

… time & positive perspective heals!

Before you know it, some stud is going to come knock you off your feet, and you'll look back at this and be thankful for this boy... for making you a stronger person for your new relationship.

...and who knows, maybe you can both be friends in the future. After all, he didn't die… I know it kinda feels like he did. You can still be in each others lives once you both have completely healed and moved on. 

But for now...

Grab a bottle of big girl juice, browse inspiration quotes on Pinterest and relax a bit. Even though you feel like your heart is smashed into a million pieces, I hope you find a bit of comfort in knowing that this will (very) soon get easier. :)

To no-more heartbreak,

Jen xx