How I'm Opening My Heart Up To The Community To Raise Money for Heart Disease! #BringHeartHome 2019

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Did you know heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death in the United States?

That’s nearly 610,000 people dying EVERY year of heart related disease. Terrifying right!?

When I heard these statistics I wanted to not only raise awareness around heart health and research, but also get involved to make a difference.

This is when I came across the Stage Campaign - Bring Heart Home 2019.

Throughout the month of April, Stage is raising money for the American Heart Association.

This is where you and I come in, and together can make a HUGE difference!

Want to know how easy it is?

For every person that posts a photo on Facebook or Instagram during the month of April with hashtag: #BringHeartHome - Stage will be donating $1 to The American Heart Association.

It’s that simple.

So whether you want to do a good deed for someone around you, make heart healthy recipes in the kitchen, or embrace an active lifestyle by taking a new workout class— together lets #BringHeartHome and put some focus on the importance of heart health.

This month I decided to make a difference by opening my heart up a little extra to the community.

My favorite ways to do this have been:

  • Giving out compliments

  • Smiling at strangers

  • Donating clothes to local women’s shelter

  • Buying a coffee for someone around me

I’ll be honest, as a relatively shy introvert— buying a coffee IN PERSON for a stranger was a little out of my comfort zone: but we all know that’s where the magic happens!

A few days ago, there was a young girl behind me in line at one of my favorite coffee shops. I turned around, said hello and we quickly sparked up a conversation (mainly about our mutual love of oat milk lattes and vegan poptarts).

I offered to buy her coffee, and we ended up sitting together and chatting for almost an hour. Not only did I get out of my comfort zone by talking to a complete stranger, I did a good deed AND made a new friend.

I told her about the #BringHeartHome campaign and we both got a photo to post together! That’s $2 straight towards AHA.

p.s I’m wearing all Stage clothing here! They have GREAT basics.   New friend : Bobbie   Photo by : Amanda Trout

p.s I’m wearing all Stage clothing here! They have GREAT basics.

New friend: Bobbie

Photo by: Amanda Trout


So now I challenge YOU!

Every single day we are shaping our future, so together lets make a difference for the better.

Lets #BringHeartHome <3

xx, jen

P.s visit here for more info on how you can get involved with this campaign.