Nashville Apartment Tour! Come on in...

Heyyy you!

Thanks for being so patient with this apartment tour I’ve been teasing.

I’ve felt like an ass hole not responding to y’alls DM’s.

You know when you move, start decorating, and months later realize it NEVER feels completely finished?

That’s where I’ve been the past couple months… but I’m finally happy with most of it so it’s time to share the deets.

OK, so a little background 411 on my move for those interested: I moved locally here in Nashville from Germantown to the Gulch for a couple reasons…

  1. I wanted to be in a high rise with downtown views.

  2. Gulch is so centrally located to everything I go to on the regular.

After touring every single high rise in Nashville, I finally found a building that was absolutely perfect for me in every way.

Well not EVERY way, my unit is pretty damn tiny if I’m being honest (something’s gotta give).

Since it was just going to be me living alone, I figured I could somehow make this 650sq. ft unit work if I got a littleee creative with the decor, got rid of unnecessary shit, and made the most out of every corner.

Thankfully I have a very large walk-in closet that I was able to store my dresser, luggage, linens, etc… but still, it was a struggle fitting everything in.

The decor….

As I was looking online for products to try to fine-tune the “style” I was going for, I noticed I gravitated towards that mid-century, boho-chic vibe… with lots of gold accents + greenery (and I mean TONS of greenery).

Just a cozy, cool vibe you know? 

Whatever, I need to brush up on my decor vocabulary… you’ll see what I mean soon enough.

It’s like a mix between Urban Outfitters and West Elm… which is fitting considering half of my apartment is from both.

So as far as budget…

Most of my bigger furniture pieces I’ve had for years… so it was time to hit refresh and start with a clean slate with my new place.

I didn’t necessarily have a set # in mind that I wanted to stay under, but I managed to find the best deals possible on the internet, and only splurged on a couple big items.

My bed frame, under $350... My sofa, under $700… My TV stand, under $300…

I read reviews to make sure I knew exactly what I was getting, and I have to say there isn’t ONE items I purchased that I’m unhappy with.

I also had a couple collaborations to help tie my place together that I’d love to point out real quick…

Urban Outfitters- this was an absolute dream collaboration because I’m in love with everything about that brand. We all know their clothing is amazing but have you seen their home section!? I die. I needed it all.

There’s no brand out there that fits the “cool, cozy, boho vibe” quite like Urban Home does. You’ll see a lot of their products linked throughout this post, and they are all extremely affordable.

Blue Decor Murals- if you didn’t already see my blog post on my bedroom wallpaper, go take a peak to see more photos + details on the installation process. I reached out to Blue Decor Murals on Etsy because I was head over heels for this gorgeous peony print that I came across.

High quality, affordable, easy installation with peel & stick vinyl!

Nothing will give your room a facelift quite like wallpaper can.

REALLY happy with how this turned out.

Sofa pillows + honeycomb shelving- Ok this wasn’t a collaboration (I wish, these were pricey) but I wanted to point them out here before I get a ton of questions about where they are from.

Never underestimate the power of pillows!

They can shift the entire vibe of your space… so choose wisely! I was personally OK with splurging a bit on these because they were exactly what I was looking for. They complete my living room.

Oh and the honeycomb shelving… pretty right!? It’s expensive and a bit of a bitch to put together, if I’m being honest. So I had to hire a handyman to get the job done.

#worthit. It’s absolutely gorgeous and a perfect home for my plants + framed Bali photos.

I linked a more affordable option from Etsy, but I can’t back up the quality or anything as I’ve never purchased from them before. Just wanted to give y’all some options.

Ok I’m done rambling, come on in!


The Living Room…

boho chic mid century living room.JPG
West Elm Gold Trim Coffee Table.JPG
Boho Chic Tassel Tassel.JPG
leather foldable butterfly chair urban outfitters.JPG
West Elm Gold Planter Fiddle Fig.JPG
snake plant in woven basket.JPG

The Patio…

boho whicker patio set target.JPEG

The Kitchen…

boho kitchen rug.JPG

bar cart decor.JPG
cocktail glasses blitzed pickled suaced.JPG
gold trim bar cart cocktail kit.JPG

crosley speaker urban outfitters.JPG
drink the wild air miss lifestyler.JPG
gold trim faux fur bar stools.JPG

The Bathroom…

three triangle wall mirror decor.JPG
lets get naked neon sign.JPEG

The Bedroom…

peony wallpaper bedroom.jpeg
wooden corner shelf.JPG
wooden corner book shelf.JPG
woven fringe hamper urban outfitters.JPG


I’ll probably update this as I get more of it together (curtains!! more bar cart decor, shelving, etc…)

But in the meantime, if y’all have any questions on my decor, or interested in buying one of the items and want more feedback, just let me know! I got youuu.

Anyways happy Friday and happy February! **dry January is finally over, this should be a good weekend ;)

xx, jen