Want to Instantly Elevate Your Bedroom Décor? Wallpaper.

Does anyone else love moving?

No? Just psycho’s like me?

Ok ok I don’t like the agonizing process of packing, taping, lifting, lugging, etc… but I do love the sense of a CLEAN slate and a fresh start in a new home. It’s the perfect time to de-clutter your life and purge all the shit you simply don’t need.

It’s also an opportunity to upgrade your style and pick out some fun new pieces for your new space.

As some of y’all may know I recently moved locally here in Nashville and yes, the moving part was a nightmare (I did most of it myself, I’ll spare y’all the stories)… but I’m so happy with how my place turned out.

There’s going to be a FULL tour coming soon… but I couldn’t wait any longer to show you my bedroom wallpaper.  

Guys I’m in love. WHAT a difference.

wallpaper before pic.JPG
wallpaper finished project.JPG

There’s just something about wallpaper that adds instant luxury and personality to any room.

Notice most hotels have wallpaper incorporated into their design?

While doing some research on the best type of wallpaper to get for my teeny tiny bedroom… I came across Blue Décor Murals on Etsy.

Self-Adhesive? Check.

Removable? Check.

Custom dimensions? Check.

Great reviews? Check.


When I found this gorgeous peony print, I reached out immediately with my dimensions and shipping information.  

Most people probably agonize over choosing a wallpaper print seeing as it’s THE statement in whichever room you’re putting it in, but this is EXACTLY what I wanted.

The photo’s don’t even do it justice— it’s absolutely gorgeous in person.

 A Little 411 On The Wallpaper Installation Process…

wallpaper installation miss lifestyler.JPG
peony wallpaper.JPG
wallpaper installation peony.JPG
  • When you purchase the wallpaper, you give her your wall measurements.

  • Your wallpaper is then printed & shipped in large panels that are the exact measurements of your wall. Mine came in 3 panels!

  • Grab a friend! 2 people is recommended. 1 person is MAYBE doable depending on your space… but if you’re up high enough that you need a ladder, definitely have a buddy help out.

  • Make sure your wall is smooth, clean & dry.

  • Pull off the back slowly like a sticker one foot at a time starting from the top of the wall. If the placement isn’t perfect, peel it off and reposition.

  • The second panel is the most challenging, as you have to line up the pattern perfectly for a seamless look. However it only took us 1-2 repositions and we nailed it!

That’s it. It’s surprisingly easy.

But hey warning!!!

Make sure you have your wallpaper panels in ORDER before you put them up.

Yes, we made this mistake. Because we are idiots.

We put the first two panels up PERFECTLY. It looked amazing.

Guys. Looking up at our job well done so far, we got so cocky.

“what can’t we do?” “I’m so impressed with us” … “A true hidden talent!” … “What should we name our professional wallpaper installation business?”

Then just as our inflated ego’s started to put up our final panel… we realized that the third was supposed to be the FIRST. 


Since it’s removable, we would have been able to simply peel them off the wall and shimmy them over in their proper order, but I had already cut a hole around the fire detector.

So I had to email the owner and have a new custom panel shipped out to me…

After that little hiccup it’s NOW COMPLETE AND I’M IN LOVE:

It’s bold, classy, and perfectly completes my little 2 x 2 bedroom.

I decided to keep everything else in my room pretty neutral to let the wall shine.

close up wallpaper.JPG

So if you’re interested in really elevating the look of a room in your home, know it’s as simple as some gorgeous peel & stick wallpaper from Blue Decor Murals.


xx, jen