Change Your Routine, And You Change Your Life For The Better...

So I've been traveling quite a bit this year, which I really love. Whenever I get an opportunity to head to a different city, I'm there.

There's just something about stagnancy and routine that scares me. You know??

Going about my days, weeks, months in a robotic way... same people, same surroundings, same issues and thought patterns bringing me down. Home is comforting... don't get me wrong.


There's something about being taken out of daily routine and surroundings that puts things into perspective for me. It opens my eyes a bit wider to what I'm looking for, what I miss when I'm gone, what I wish I had, what excites me... what's important to me.

I've always been this way since I can remember. As soon as I was able to book a ticket to Europe when I was 17, I was gone. More specifically on a double decker bus in London, falling in love with a local boy, but point being: I wanted more. I wanted to meet new people... I wanted to be in a new city, anonymously wondering about exploring a life outside of what I already knew.

This is why traveling has always been a passion of mine and always will be, I will always crave and chase lifes exposure. 

Today marks a year from packing up my life in Fort Lauderdale and moving to Nashville.

Nashville is so different from South Florida (ugh beach, imu), but that’s a good thing… I was at that point in my life where I needed a shift in a different direction. I needed a big change.

Change is good! Change is growth. Change opens up new doors, new experiences, new connections, new relationships, new perspective on life and thing that really matter. Change gives you a shiny new lens to view your life from a different angle…

So today I challenge you to switch up something in your life. Big or small! I’m not saying to move out of state, or hand in your 2 weeks notice, or book a flight to Dubai... i mean I’m fully supportive of all the above though;) … I’m talking little shifts that pull you out of your routine..

Whether it's taking the longer, scenic route to work... or trying a different coffee shop from the one you go to every single morning. A different restaurant or happy hour on Friday night..

Switch things up, try new things... people, restaurants, music, cities... anything. 

There's so much more to life than what we think we know.

xx, jen