Whether you're sipping poolside cocktails, trying to hide your massive hangover bags, or simply want to accessorize your #OOTD... sunnies are a necessity YEAR ROUND.

Tinted lenses, tiny frames, bigger-than my face frames... I love 'em all.


sunglasses jensav11.JPG


Side note: if you're a sunglass addict like me, you NEED this storage organizer from Amazon! (there's a top of it that closes.) Only $23 from found here

So ya ya, I like to collect sunglasses...


WHY? because I never buy the super expensive ones. (k minus those Chloe's, that was a weak moment at Saks last year)

Sunglasses are sunglasses... they are mostly ALL plastic anyways.

Yes, there's a difference in quality between a $9.99 Rite Aid pair and $400 Gucci's, but there's a happy medium which is where I like to be. 

For every $400 pair of Gucci's, you better believe there is a pair that looks almost EXACTLY the same for a fraction of the cost.

And don't get me wrong... I'm ALL about quality over quantity.

I'll happily spend money on quality staples likeee: Stuart Weitzman boots for the Winter, a beautiful genuine leather jacket that I'll keep for years on end, real gold jewelry that I don't have to take off (& won't turn my neck green), the occasional designer PURSE that I know I'll keep forever and can even pass along to my kids.

You get the idea...

QUALITY LASTS and for most products, it's MORE than worth the investment with the use you'll get out of them. 

However with my sunglasses... I can't do it. I rarely spend more than $100-$150 on a pair...

I mean is it just me or does anyone else perpetually SIT on their glasses, scratch them up and/or lose them within weeks!? 

Anyways, I rounded up some of my favorite sunnies that are UNDER $100 RN... my go-to brands these days are Le Specs & Quay!


1. ^Komono Madison, $70 here.

Poppy Lissiman.png

2. ^Poppy Lissiman Le Skinny Cat-Eye, $105 here


le specs liar liar.png

3. ^Le Specs Liar Liar, $60 here

futuristic cat eye sunglasses.png

4. ^Futuristic Cat Eye, $19 here


le specs subdimension 2.png

5. ^Le Specs Subdimension in Black Rubber & Smoke Mono, $59 here.

the prince le specs.png

6. ^Le Specs The Prince, $89 here

Prive Revaux Madelaine.png

7. ^Prive Revaux Madelaine, $29 here.

b.p cat eye sunglasses.png

8. ^B.P Cat Eye, $14 here.


le specs the prince in gold & blush.png

9. ^Le Specs The Prince in Gold & Blush, $89 here.

Don't @ me.png

10. ^Don't @ Me, $65 here.


11. Le Specs Enchantress, $87 here

Rapture cat eye.png

12. Rapture Cat Eye, $60 here.

komono sunglasses .png

13. Komono Billie in Clear, $66 here.

lady luck sunglasses.png

14. Quay Lady Luck, $60 here.

no smirking around.png

15. ^No Smirking Round, $75 here.

... some more beauties under $200: