How To (Realistically) Stay Healthy On The Weekends

Hey you...

Just wanted to say what's uppp and give you a few healthy pointers for the weekend ahead. 

Someone DM'd me last week and asked how I "enjoy my life on the weekends" while still staying healthy. 

It's pretty simple and always will be, balance and moderation... and being health conscious always. 

I tryyy to make my meals at home as often as possible for a couple reasons:

1. Eating out is expensive and

2. There’s a lot of hidden crap in the foods cooked in many of these restaurants.

However, I know staying in and eating a home-cooked meal every night of the week is probably not going to happen.  Happy hours and fun dinners are one of my favorite ways to socialize, meet new people and spend time with friends! But this is when balancing your healthy diet can get a bit wobbly.

Which is why I wanted to share a few tips and tricks with y'all that I personally stick to on the weekends, or when traveling. Most of these have become automatic for me over time and they will for you too! 

  • If you’re eating out a restaurant and unsure of the healthiest option: opt for a lean meat with vegetables and/or a veggie packed salad.
  • Always get your greens in, whether it’s a side salad, sautéed spinach, Brussel sprouts (yum), steam broccoli, etc… almost every menu will have greens of some sort.
    • Side note: my mom used to tell me when I was a kid that broccoli made my eyes sparkle when I ate it. So it’s embedded into my brain to eat ALL the greens. I mean who wouldn’t want sparkly eyes!? 
  • Tell the waiter you don’t want bread brought to the table. Out of sight, out of mind! 
  • Always ask for the dressing on the side! Yes, it makes a difference. 
  • Don’t forget that most dressings have an unnecessary amount of sugar, saturated fat, sodium, preservatives… the list goes on. Instead, ask for plain balsamic and olive oil on the side to mix into your greens.
  • Keep snacks in your purse to whip out when you're getting a little hungry between meals or trying to fight a craving attack (or resist the bread basket). Snack ideas: pack of GG crackers , dried mango, an apple, almonds, banana, granola, RX bar, etc...
  • Your drink of choice from here on out is WATER, water, then maybe some water with lemon. Unsweetened iced tea is also a good choice! Avoid sugary drinks like the plague. 


Trust me, I get it… I’m V guilty of a drink or 3 on the weekends. 

So if you’re going to drink alcohol, try to stick to a CLEAR liquor with no added syrup. AKA just say no to sugary mixed cocktails! They are PACKED with sugar + empty calories, not to mention the hangovers are 23059084 times worse (not an exaggeration that's the actual number).

Alternatively, order a good clear liquor with soda water and fresh limes. 

FUN FACT: did you know 100% agave silver tequila (Like Milagro, Patron, Don Julio) is known to be the healthiest liquor option!? Google it, I promise it’s a thing. It’s easiest on your body to absorb, I guess? I also believe it’s the only “upper/stimulant" alcohol. Makes sense why I think I’m one of the Dancing with the Stars professionals when I'm 2 drinks in. #dancingjuice

BUT WHO KNOWS, there's so much contradicting information online around this kind of stuff. All I know is that I personally feel best both the night of AND morning after when I choose *top shelf* tequila over other alcoholic beverages. 

Like I can simply LOOK at white wine (or any dark liquor) and be hungover the next day, but can have a couple tequila sodas and be totally fine.

Listen to your body! It will always tell you what's up. 

Speaking of body ... (that was a horrible transition sorry) if you missed my ab guide on my recent Instagram post, I'll leave it here for you because #convenient. If you're unsure of how to do any of these exercises, most of the terms are googable. That's a word right? Auto correct is telling me otherwise.

miss lifestyler ab guide jensav.png

If you're not used to doing any sort of core strengthening, don't attempt all of this because you won't be able to laugh without pain the next day. Start slow with maybe one round of each, and build your way up over time. Always break when needed.

Anyways, final note here to leave with you before this weekend...

Eating perfect at ALL times is an unattainable goal! As long as your mindful of what your putting into your body, implementing healthy tips and tricks, and eating/drinking “the bad stuff” in moderation, you’re doing better than most people! And don’t forget that it’s OK to be a bit wobbly… we’re human. Have a damn bite of that carrot cake. Have a celebratory glass of champagne (yes the weekend is a reason to celebrate). 

Sometimes losing balance is part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

The key is to enjoy yourself in moderation, but get right back on track the following Monday :)

On a personal note (if you're curious) I'm headed home to Fort Lauderdale tonight (woooo!) and SO excited to see my fam, snuggle my niece and baby nephew and get my BEACH fix in. 

Happy Friday! Have fun, be good (or not)... and I'll talk to you soon! 

xx, jen