4th of July Style Guide

Ah 4th of July... warm weather, lakes and beaches, beer... AMERICA. <3

Fun fact: 4th of July 2017 I was VISITING Nashville, and it was the trip that made my friend and I decide to move here. 

SO, it's safe to say we had a great 4th... crazy what a year can do, right!?

Anyways, here we are again, just a short week away from celebrating Independence Day. 

Whether you're headed out of town, to the beach... or just a friends house to kick it at the pool- festive outfits are fun!

I'm talking more of a chic, casual and understated "festive" look- like a simple, red, white or blue suit is perfect! No need to have the American flag across your chest you know!?

I came across this For Love & Lemons bikini online and purchased immediately. Not only is it #FestiveAF for the 4th with it's white and red stripes, it's extremely flattering and so unique.

I'm also linking the BEST fake tanning mousse of all time because I get a ton of questions about it.  Like, just to give you an idea how amazing this stuff is... I'm currently see-through pale. I put the 2 hr mousse on the morning before this shoot, rinsed off, and BAM. Looks like I spent hrs baking in the sun.

It's a beautiful brown color (NOT orange), streak free and doesn't have the horrible self-tanner scent that we all know and hate. It stays on for about a week! If you're like me and try to avoid too much sun exposure, or simply want to be bronzed and weather has been sucking lately, I HIGHLY recommend getting a bottle to try out! 

4th of july style guide.JPG


...but how great is this suit!? I know, I know... it's a splurge. But it's one of those suits you'll end up keeping for years so I'm pretty pumped about it.

I put together a little catalog of a few great festive pieces that I came across on the internet, some that are a little more budget friendly! (God I love Target). 

Just a reminder that these are your final couple days to purchase online to ensure delivery by the 4th! So get your favs in the cart.



happy (almost) Independence Day!

x jen