bartaco - taco's and tequila!

If you find yourself walking up and down the neighborhood of 12 South... (which if you're visiting Nashville, this happenin' street is a must) then do yourself a favor and stop in Bartaco for some taco's & margs.

... and when I say margs, I mean the best margarita's in town. Hands down.

NO ONE is as picky with their margaritas as I am. I don't like that nasty, syrup'y pre-made nonsense.

Give me great tequila with freshly muddled lime juice... and a hint of jalepeno if we're getting fancy. 

Bartaco ticks ALL the boxes and then some. 

They make their tequila in house, and the BASE of the marg is tequila... so don't be alarmed when you get up after 1 or 2 of these and find yourself a bit wobbly. ;)

As for the food, it's QUICK, fresh and delicious. There are menu cards on the table to fill out what you'd like to order, and a plastic firefly card that you simply place atop of the metal stand to get your waiter's attention.

My favorite's on the menu:

The plantains

Tuna poke

Duck quesadilla

The churro's

bartaco nashville.JPG
bartaco bowl.JPG
bartaco margs.JPG
Nashville guide.jpg
bartaco churros.JPG

I've been here more times than I can count, and I've never had a bad experience.

This an easy one to recommend ;)


xx jen