BASHNASH Décor & Party Favors!– A Nashville Themed Bachelorette Party

BASHNASH Décor & Party Favors!– A Nashville Themed Bachelorette Party

OK when I threw my sisters Bachelorette party in Nashville, as a local (and maid of honor)- I felt the need to take the reigns and book pretty much everything about the trip. No pressure, right?

Not only did this include booking the best breakfast/lunch/dinner spots in town and the perfect Airbnb… it also included Nashville themed décor, party favors and all the little details that make the trip memorable and special!

Our Airbnb happened to have the most ideal table to push up against the wall to setup all the treats and goodies. It looked a little something like this:

Bachelorette party nashville theme.JPG
Bashnash nashville theme.JPG
Bashnash party favors and decor.JPG
Custom leather jacket for bride to be.jpg

Custom Leather Jacket: this jacket would be a nice surprise gift for the BRIDE to be! Customized with her new last name on it, it's a special and memorable staple to be worn for years to come. My sister bought her own before the trip, but I wish I thought of this to gift her! She was IN LOVE with it. Found here.

"Diamond" Ring Cupcake Toppers: purchase here OR DIY and print here - I made my own but I'd probably just buy them next time around- they are cheap, they'll look nicer and save you a lot of time and hassle... I think I still have glitter in my kitchen and hair from making these.

Grab a bag of white powdered donuts *mini ones work*, stick your toppers in and voila. Engagement rings. SO CUTE RIGHT!? 

Mason Jars: you can pick these up at your local craft store. I stuck a plain sticker on the front to personalize them with each persons name, and tied a pretty little ribbon around the top. Toss a mini bottle of tequila in there for an added favor.

Fun Straws: K my sister requested "NO PENIS PARAPHERNALIA, JEN!" aka no fun... but if you're party is a little more rowdy than ours and are all for the penis, then by all means... go for the penis straws. If your group is a little more conservative, festive straws in a cup or their personalized mason jars makes for a pretty display on the table, like these.

NASHELORETTE Banner: so I made the "Nashelorette" sign in the photo above (Target... plain banner + gold stick on letters). You can also buy it pre-made here... again, way less hassle. Trust me. My sister is marrying a Cuban, so i had to add a little Spanish touch with this "She Said Si" sign under the table... or you can get even more festive with a "Same Penis Forever " sign. 

NASH Hats: a great gift to give the bridal party! And makes for adorable photos together. Absolutely necessary for a day walking around the town! Purchase here

Cowgirl hat with veil: OK I made one for my sister, as seen in the photo, but she didn't wear it, she thought it was cheesy (lol). BUT i personally loved it and your bride-to-be probably will too. "Cheesy" isn't a thing for Bachelorette parties- anything goes! You're supposed to be obnoxious, right!? If anything, it makes for an adorable addition to your Nashbash table display.

I just purchased a cheap veil online and glued it to the back of a cowgirl hat... I also glued a few faux flowers where I glued the vail met the hat to blend it together nicely. 

NASHBASH Hangover Kits: this is such a fun little gift to give the bridal party alongside the hats! And Lord knows we put ours to use. You can get the exact bags here, which were the perfect size for what I wanted to put in them! Inside I filled with goodies I bought from amazon: little packets of advil, tums, chapstick, gum, hair-ties... and these hangover pills which were an actual lifesaver! (and they come in single packs of 10). 

Felt Letter Board: this board is an awesome addition. Customize your welcome note such as:

"From Miss to Mrs...

20 days until Amanda ties the knot!"

or honestly whatever your little heart desires. Purchase board here

Put a couple bottles of liquor and/or champagne on the table, as well as a cake stand with cupcakes or cookies... or anything else pretty and edible! 

These are just a few ideas you can incorporate into your Nashville Bachelorette party planning. What makes a bridal party special is YOUR finishing touches! If you happen to do any of the above, tag me or email me pics- I WANT TO SEE.

And hopefully I'll run into ya'll during your trip :)

Comment below if you have any questions!

xx, jen