LARGE Home Rental Close to Broadway! (Perfect for Bach Parties)

If you’re coming to Nashville in a large group, or simply wanting a beautiful house in a great neighborhood: here’s your place.

I have zero affiliation with this Airbnb, however I did stay here for my sisters Bachelorette party in January and it was FLAWLESS. I fell in love with everything about it. Like, I couldn’t fault the place and neither could any of our friends. Ok fine if I’m being picky, they didn’t have a baking sheet (lol) so maybe put in that request if you’re looking to make some late-night pizza bites.

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(Photos by home owner over at Airbnb)


The location/neighborhood:

I personally live in Germantown, and it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in Nashville. The streets are lined with adorable brick walk-ups, coffee shops and charming little stores.  It’s perfectly located about a 5 minute Uber away from downtown. Any closer and you’re risking the chaotic hustle and bustle of Broadway!

Before I chose this place for my sister’s party, I had to do a drive-by and make sure it wasn’t on the sketchy side of town. Germantown is known to be very safe, but pockets of the neighborhood are still “up and coming” aka you don’t want to stay there. Unfortunately this is what you risk when booking an Airbnb in a town you’re unfamiliar with! However, this is what I'm here for-- have no worries with this one… it’s in a great part of town (just a couple blocks away from my place!)

The neighborhood really has everything you need, a few spots to note:

Closest breakfast & coffee cafe: Red Bicycle

Closest coffee shop: Barista Parlour

Closest convenience store: Rite Aid

Closest clothing boutique: Alexis + Bolt

Closest dinner spot: SILO (amazing food)

Closest breakfast spot: Monells (family style, voted best in Nash)

Closest BRUNCH spot: 5th and Taylor (doesn’t get better than this)


Drive to downtown: 5 minute Uber

A few tidbits of info:

+4 bedrooms, 3 stories // this place is HUGE.

+extremely comfortable beds

+rooftop deck for morning mimosas or pre-game drinks

+secure home with lock pad

+authentic Nashville vibes

+great neighborhood

+amazing VALUE $

+attentive host

+early check in/check out optional

IF you have never used Airbnb before, use my link to sign up and get a $40 credit towards your next booking:)

If you want more info on this space, or want to book- head on over to the direct listing here

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about it! Again, this isn’t sponsored in any way, I simply loved my experience here and think it’s an absolutely perfect home rental! (and Lord knows I'm picky). 

Hopefully I can welcome you SOON to Nashville!

xx, jen