Healthy Lifestyle Pointers, Including Full Morning Workout Routine!

If you're anything like me, resolutions are easy to stick to the first few days of the year... as you're still all high on the idea of a clean slate and a healthier you. 

The first week comes and goes, you're feeling good but the temptations are starting to kick in and your strict diet & exercise plan is starting to slip. 

Will ONE glass of wine really hurt? The craving for carbs is real... maybe just a few bites. I'm so sore today from last nights gym session... skipping a day won't hurt, right?

One gym skip becomes two... then a few more. 

You slowly let old habits creep back in replacement of your "new year, new you" high.

Familiar pattern?

I'm not being negative here, this is just the reality that a lot of us are guilty of, yes, me included!

And that's OK! Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves for a particular outcome that it ends up backfiring. 

Which is why I like to emphasize more of a healthy, MANAGEABLE lifestyle. Changing your perspective from diet diet diet! for quick weight loss... to eating well and exercising because it's healthy and makes you feel good. 

How do you get to this effortlessly balanced point?

A few pointers:

*Educate yourself on the types of foods you should and shouldn't be eating. 

*Take note of how good you feel after a sweaty gym session and a clean, healthy meal.

*Find enjoyment out of working out, ie a group class you love. ( i love spin!)

*GET RID OF YOUR SCALE. Yes, stop obsessing over the number on the scale. Instead, start gauging your progress by how your clothes fit and how much energy you have!

*If there is something you consume DAILY, make sure it's as healthy as possible. Such as coffee. Switch to an organic brand (we don't need those daily excess toxins), and swap out your creamer for a lighter milk alternative. 

*Take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible. 

*Don't deprive yourself, but don't forget to keep the balance. If you want a chocolate chip cookie at lunch, go for it! Balance it out with a little extra cardio in the gym or a big salad for dinner. 

*Keep a yoga mat rolled out in your home at all times... maybe with a pair of dumbbells or an ab roller next to it. Why? You'll be way more inclined to drop down and get a few yoga stretches or core work in when you walk past it. 

*Don't be tempted! Toss out all the processed foods and replace with healthy whole foods... with plenty of grab and go options. 

*Invest in a fitbit to help monitor how active you're actually being throughout the day. 

*Get into a morning routine! Whether that's starting your day off with a multivitamin, a glass of hot water with lemon, yoga stretching, mindful meditation, gym sesh, healthy breakfast, etc... 

I could go on and on, but you get the point: tweak little healthy habits into your daily routine that make a big impact over time. 

Now, I get asked A LOT about my daily health routine. Hands down the #1 topic I get asked about on Miss Lifestyler; what I eat, what I do in the gym, how I stay balanced, etc... 

Well today's the day I'm going to walk you through a typical weekend morning routine! From breakfast to FULL gym session. You with me!?

Shoutout to Walmart for making my healthy lifestyle so much easier to keep up. I mean, have y'all been in a Walmart or scanned their website recently!? The fitness section is filled with the most fun and affordable equipment to keep you on point... like this ab roller which I'm officially addicted to. It hurts like a mother but boy it'll tone you up quickly! Also, did you know Walmart is the LARGEST organic grocer in the country? 

walmart groceries.JPG

K lets get started.

My morning, pre-gym:

First thing when I wake up: I mentally list out 5 things I'm grateful for, and spend a few minutes to positively visualize how I'd like may day to go. Getting the mind right is crucial if you want the body to follow. 

COFFEE. Like, don't talk to me before this step. As I mentioned earlier in the tips above, I only buy organic coffee brands, like this yummy one avail at Walmart. I take it with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of almond milk.

A big glass of water with lemon. Hydration plays a huge role in my energy levels. 

I can't really stomach a big breakfast in the morning, but I force myself to eat a little something to get my metabolism going, even if it's just a few bites! I'll have a packet of organic instant oatmeal, or a banana with almond/peanut butter. 

My morning, GYM time:

-STRETCH, I always bring my super soft yoga mat. 5 minutes.

-CARDIO, I love interval training. AKA get my heart rate up up up, then take a breather. Repeat. You can do this with pretty much with any form of cardio that you enjoy. My go-to is the stair master! Not only does it get your hart rate up quickly, it really helps tone the legs and booty at the same time. 20 minutes.

-CORE, everyone has parts of their body they like to concentrate on... mine happens to be the core. Because when you have a strong core, your entire body is more inclined to follow. A few inexpensive pieces of equipment to use outside of your body weight: ab roller, dumbbells, wrist/ankle weights, resistance bands. 20 minutes.

walmart fitness.JPG
walmart 3 lb dumbbells.JPG
Healthy lifestyle with walmart.JPG

-QUICK CARDIO, I always like to finish up with a few quick intervals... I always go ALL out, as hard as I can on these final sprints/flights of stairs. 5 minutes.

-STRETCH, I spend a few minutes stretching out the muscles... will foam roll if needed. (ouch). 

walmart healthy lifestyle.JPG

My morning, post-gym:

Immediately following a workout, it's important to stimulate muscle protein synthesis!! AKA the process that helps promote muscle repair and growth after exercise. How? Protein shake time!

If I have time, I'll blend up my own protein shake which is as follows:

-Orgain protein powder (the best)

-A handful of spinach

-1/2 cup of frozen berries

-couple tablespoons of chia and/or flax seed.

-peanut butter POWDER (less fat/cals, same great taste)

-almond milk

If i'm in a bit of a rush, which is the usual these days... I'll grab a pre-made Orgain shake from the fridge. I love this brand because not only is it high protein, it's organic, gluten free, non-GMO, low sugar and DOESN'T TASTE LIKE CHALK! It's actually so so good (i get the fudge flavor). This shake leaves you feeling so full and energized. I've been drinking and recommending Orgain for years! 

... and yes, I got a little too excited when I saw that Walmart carries Orgain product. If you take a peak on their website, you'll honestly be shocked at how many of your favorite brands are sold there.


That's it! As you can see, I keep my routine pretty simple... mindfullness, light breakfast, moderate exercise, protein-snack to follow, rinse off my morning and I'm ready to go for the day!

I'll link below some of my favorite items from Walmart that help keep me on track:




I hope your year is off to an amazing start!

Together in 2018, lets put less pressure on weight loss and appearance and adopt more of a healthy lifestyle mentality. 

LMK if y'all have any questions. I'm here for you!


jen x

p.s shout out to Rachel Deeb on the BA photography, as per usual.