NYC, Fashion Week 2017


So I've never been to NYFW before... because to be honest, it never appealed to me. I do really like fashion, but I don't LOVE high end fashion. I know what I like, I'm confident in what I like... but I'm not overly adventurous with trying out new styles/patterns/trends which almost seems like a requirement for attending fashion week!? 

I mean, I went braless with lace one night, that's about as adventurous as I get... 

I like simplicity, and striking that balance between classy, sexy, timeless... I'm not big on bold pattern, even though I did fall victim of the gingham trend this season. I do love wearing diff fabrics & textures: lace, silk, satin, velvet... oh velvet, my current love <3 

Misa & Misha have always been 2 of my favorite brands... a little pricey, but worth the extra penny for special occasions and staple pieces because they are so damn beautiful. 

This would be a very long, tedious, and slightly boring blog post if I talked about every brand/company/show I went to see... so lets mainly stick to the good stuff.

Casually waiting for check-in at The Time Hotel... ;)

The Time NYC.JPG

JK I looked homeless & hungry when I arrived... but this was a few hrs later with photographer Luisa Manning.

This was my first time staying at The Time Hotel, and I have to say, PLEASANTLY surprised.

Talk about amazing value for the price.

Ideal location smack dab in the middle of all the action in Times Square and easy access to everywhere else in the city. The staff was out of this world friendly and accommodating to me from the moment I stepped in the front door. They also have an incredible restaurant downstairs with a happening little bar... which I may or may not have been at v frequently between meetings & photoshoots (double patron marg pls).

However if you want to win me over as a hotel, your room service better be quick and GOOD. Like, a hot HOT pot of coffee, freshly squeezed OJ, fluffy eggs with a side of fruit pls stat. Newspaper & pretty little flower optional but like, definitely brownie points.

Lets just say The Time did not disappoint, and for this reason... I'm giving it a solid 5****.

I will be back.

The Time Breakfast in Bed.JPG
Photographer: Luisa Manning

Photographer: Luisa Manning

First day in NY, I stopped by to visit my friends at BaubleBar to see some of their new collections. They gave me cookie dough balls, espresso & my new fav statement earrings... as if I didn't love this company enough.

IMG_5172 4.JPG
IMG_7693 4.JPG

I also paid a visit to my friends over at ShopBop & Shopstyle... not to play favorites or anything, but their setup was pretty amazing. 

Fall, sup.


Guys, they had a PUPPY ADOPTION center. NO BIG DEAL.

I literally B-lined straight to the puppies as soon as I stepped in.

Adoption Center Shopbop NYFW.JPG

Oh those shoes? One of my favorite heels of all time. So cute and comfortable enough to walk around ALL day in. Now on sale!


More from this velvety beaut of a top when I shot later in the day with Photographer Vicki Bartel. I'm seriously head over heels in love with this bodysuit and almost refused to take it off.


MISA velvet sleeve top.JPG
MISA Velvet Top.JPG

Quick outfit change in the streets, into the cutest little gingham day dress that ever did exist.

This is one of my favorite daytime outfits that I can easily wear into the night. Throw on a leather jacket, swap out your flats for a statement heel for the perfect transitional outfit. 

A solid, silk cami (or 5) is a MUST for every closet! Daytime, nightime... any time, really. Silk cami's are one of those pieces you KNOW you'll get endless wears out of.

Miss Lifestyler WIWT.JPG
While We Were Young NYC.JPG
While We Were Young Restaurant.JPG

Izzy and me having a moment <3 

P.S: This tiny little restaurant in West Village, While We Were Young... HIGHLY recommend.

It's extremely photogenic and instagrammable, with pink, velvet, upholstered booths... white marble tables (drooool), and a neon sign stating: "We were together, I forget the rest".

The food is as impressive as the decor. Order the roasted squash appetizer & the housemade cappelletti pasta... thank my after. 

With all these amazing restaurants I forget what I actually came to NY for... oh right, Fashion Week.

The Adam Selman show was fire... so many impressive pieces. I had heart eyes over all the colorful silk. Thx for bringing me as your guest, Amika! 

Adam Selman runway show. Photographer:&nbsp;Maria Valentino

Adam Selman runway show. Photographer: Maria Valentino

MISHA Jumper Black.JPG

SO as a complete novice to fashion week, I wasn't aware of these "street photographers" that happen to be EVERYWHERE, especially outside of shows. I stepped out of my uber ready to see the Adam Selman show, got taken back by all of them and how aggressive they were // dropped my purse... not a cute drop like oooops bend and snap let me pick that right back up... I'm talking like, contents sprawled out all over Washington Street. 

Oh well. At least I got one nice shot in this jumper to share with you guys <3 

Also, fun fact: I bought this jumper on Revolve thinking I was buying a lace, long-sleeve top. I took it out of the package the day before leaving for NY and was pleasantly surprised by the jumper situation. 

I decided to go no bra, as the lace covers the important bits... and I figured if I'm ever going to do no bra with lace, FW is the time to be slightly aggressive? It was still a super classy, amazing outfit ... and the amount of compliments and street photographers grabbing me confirmed that. I highly suggest this one for the Holidays coming up... but maybe go with a bra if it's a family function or work holiday party? ;)

&nbsp;New friiiends: @lc_steele

 New friiiends: @lc_steele

Misa does it again with the velvet... actually, they always kill it with all their pieces... but the velvet ones in particular lately are ridiculous. 

Like this pink velvet wrap dress that I wore to the RewardStyle HQ:

Velvet Misa Wrap Dress.JPG
RewardStyle HQ NYFW.JPG
RewardStyle Pink Wall.JPG
More new (velvet) friends!: @dresswelltraveloften_

More new (velvet) friends!: @dresswelltraveloften_

A little breezy rooftop at the Reward Style HQ party. 

RewardStyle HQ.JPG

There we go...

Misa Velvet.JPG

If you don't get a taxi shot, did you even go to NY?

Black Jumper NYC.JPG

Actual footage of me almost getting slammed by a cab... headed to the Liketoknowit rooftop party! 

Photography: Luisa Manning

Photography: Luisa Manning

Oh Hey Caila!

Oh Hey Caila!

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm typing this up in the car on my way to NASHVILLE for my big out of state move... don't worry, my moms driving. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 

xx jen