Single? Even more reason to wear lingerie (for no-one but yourself).


This post is in partnership with ThirdLove. 

So I’ve always been a lover and collector of lingerie and pretty lace sets… like this gorgeous ThirdLove Long Line Lace Balconette & matching lace undies.


Yes in relationships lingerie is great for obvious reasons, but I love wearing lingerie even more so when I’m single.

… and I mean like, REALLY single. AKA not to be seen by anyone but myself.


Well, why should feeling sexy and confident be exclusive to the validation of a man?

I LOVE being in a relationship (when it’s right)… but I really love being single as well. I just think being on your own is such an incredible opportunity for growth, to work on yourself without distraction or added emotion. It’s an opportunity to really learn to love yourself without relying on someone else to feel that love.

Over the last year, I’ve had the honor of getting to know a lot of you through this blog and social media. My goal with Miss Lifestyler was to create a positive, uplifting community for millennial women to come together and discuss topics that we all tend to deal with. Amongst beauty, fashion, and fitness... my favorite topics of them all are those that are hard to have out loud, but easier with a community that accepts and understands you. 

Confidence and learning to love yourself being up there with one of the most frequently discussed.

"How do you get your confidence? How can I love myself the way other women seem to?"

I'm not an expert, no-one is really if you're human. Everyone struggles with loving and accepting themselves from time to time and that's OK. What's important is little positive changes that you can tweak into your daily life that'll make more of an impact than you think:

1. Let go of what you can't control: this includes your past and your "flaws". The past is in the past for a reason, it's over and done with. Also, NO-ONE is perfect and we need to accept that. Flaws aren't always a bad thing! They are what make us unique and interesting. 

2. Train your mind to see the good in every situation: When you walk up to a mirror, I'm going to guess that your eyes go directly to the areas you don't like, your "flaws". Next time this happens, stop yourself in that moment and divert your attention to your good qualities. What do you love? What's good in this moment? Do this every day in as many situations as you can.

3. Keep reinforcing what you DO love about yourself: This isn't always physical. Are you kind, loving, genuine? A good student, daughter, friend? You're probably more than you give yourself credit for. Write all your favorite qualities down on a piece of paper. Pin it up in your room, look at it often. 

4. SPOIL YOURSELF: yes... spoil yourself, often. Wear cute pajamas to bed. Buy flowers for yourself. Book a facial, or a massage randomly for no reason. Drink hot tea in a pretty mug. Take a hot bath. Light up scented candles around your home. Go to happy hour on a Tuesday. Wear pretty lingerie for no-one else but yourself.

... because there's so much power in being surrounded by people, things, experiences that make you feel GOOD. When you feel good, you look good.... and people pick up on that energy. Not only does it affect everyone around you, it starts to affect how you feel about yourself.

Example: when you're wearing a gorgeous lace lingerie set under your clothes... no-one knows you are, but YOU do. You feel confident, you feel sexy. You exude that inner energy. 

My go-to bra & panties sets lately for that little extra confidence kick: ThirdLove.


When switching bra brands and unsure of sizing, I totally understand the hesitancy with investing in a new set online. Which is one of the many reasons why I love ThirdLove so much. They have a "Fit Finder" feature on their site that helps determine your PERFECT fit. 

Third Love Fit Finder.png

A few quick questions like the above later, I had my size and browsed for my favorite set. I'm a sucker for a classic, dark lace.

Classy. Timeless. Sexy.

I went with their new Longline Lace Balconette Bra. I MEAN. The quality is INSANE, and thanks to their Fit Finder feature, it was pretty much guaranteed to fit me like a dream. 

Third Love Long Line lace bra.JPG

This is life...  your life. It's OK to put yourself first, to do things for yourself for no other reason but to feel good, to love yourself a little more. So...

Buy the shoes.

Pop the champagne.

Wear the lingerie. ;)  

xx jen


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Photography: Shaye Babb


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