What I Wore Today, (and probably tomorrow because I'm obsessed).



I found my new favorite purse.

I found my new favorite shoes.

I found my new favorite top. 

Not even exaggerating...


This top? I ended up buying in both colors, red and cream. Because when you find a top this cute for THIS price (Under $50 what?)... it's standard procedure to get in every color they have.

No? Just me? k good talk.


This purse I also came across on Instagram... (my bank account has been hating Insta lately) and I was shocked at the price. I've been wanting a circular straw purse, because this kind of boho chic over the shoulder bag goes with so many outfits... but the price tags I've seen for some of these bags aren't cute.

This one is handmade. I'm talking like, woven and DRIED IN THE SUN. These bags are then processed in a traditional oven to make the material stronger and to give these bags this golden honey color.

Likee no joke, incredible quality... and only $75 bucks. Yes please. Found here


These shoes from Dolce Vita I came across on a bloggers Instagram via liketoknowit, and I purchased within 60 seconds. What can I say, I get excited when I come across items I love =D


Spoiler alert: they are shockingly comfortable.

Found them ON SALE here


These glasses are so cheap (and cute) it's stupid. Basically free. My favorite frames that I'm about to buy a couple more pairs of before sell out. 

Anyways... that's all for today.

Hope everyone's having a fabulous week! I'm about to go die at spin class, wish me luck.

xx, jen

Photography: Shaye Babb