Getting In On The Gingham Trend

There's no denying that gingham is one seriously popular pattern right now. #trending

I swear everywhere I look I see this summertime checkered print. 

Gingham crops.

Gingham skirts.

Gingham swimsuits.

Guys, I saw a girl with a gingham phone case...

^ I sort of wanted it.

To be honest I've never been big on patterns... I'm more of a solids (with the occasional stripes) kind of girl but I think I'm loving this trend!? Not like it's anything new, I guess newly popular is a better way to put it... because gingham has been around FOREVER. I definitely recall having a red & white gingham dress when I was like 3.

It would be SO IN RIGHT NOW.

Anyways, I was recently shopping at Planet Blue and hesitantly tried on this For Love & Lemons set. Umm, yes. This is the moment I was official on board of the gingham trend. 

If you don't have your print-of-the-summer piece yet, or simply can't get enough... here are a few of my favs on the web:


K officially gingham'ed out... I'm starting to see checkered pattern when I close my eyes help.

Talk soon,

jen x