The Exclusive FB Group (GIRLS ONLY!)

So I created Miss Lifestyler over 2 years ago...

I created it with the intent of having a positive, uplifting and relatable community for fellow millennials. My continuous goal is to grow this community and provide the resources we all need to cultivate a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. **while looking good along the way ;)

I added the advice column this past year to get a little more personal, and it's been an honor getting to know you guys & talking through issues (that we all face) together. i.e: fuckboys, self confidence, diet, fitness, heartbreak, etc... #penpalsfolife 

I absolutely love chatting with y'all one on one... and I'll continue to answer as many submissions as I possibly can.

{Side note} I have to apologize for the backup/delay. With some of you spilling your hearts out in these emails, it breaks my heart that I haven't gotten to each & every one of them, but just know they are ALL read and you aren't forgotten!

SO. I've searched on many different blogging platforms to see if there was a more efficient and community based way to chat with you guys all together, and unfortunately I couldn't find ANYTHING that came close to what I envisioned.  


Thx to the Skinny Confidential (my blogging idol/inspiration), I heard about private FB groups. Genius. 

Within minutes I set up an account for Miss Lifestyler, exclusively for women.

Do you know how many times I wanted to post a workout video or put out personal information for you guys... but didn't due to being self conscious about guys I like watching it and/or having to deal with internet trolls!?

WELL problem solved.

The Miss Lifestyler (girls only) private FB group is an outlet for us to meet, interact & ask anything and everything we want.

Only rules: no negativity & no judgement.

Other than that, everything goes. 

Just super cool, positive women sharing ideas, answering questions & helping each other out.

No matter what your issue is or what information/advice you need... between all of us, we got you covered. 

SO if you haven't already, grab a glass of rose & come join us. 

This is your official invite, here.

See you over there!

jen x