Don't Underestimate The Power of a Good Deed


Recently I was at the airport (shocker) for a really early flight.

Short story...

I had gone out the night before (another shocker) and was running a bit late (shocker x3).

I grabbed an Uber, and lucky me... it was one of those chatty ones that wants to tell you their entire life story while driving 11.2 miles per hour.

I finally arrive to the airport via turtle-back, check-in and get through security.

At this point, I'm NOT in a good mood. You know those moods when people even breathing near you pisses you off? Or looks at you a second longer than a passing glance? 

I was tired, irritable, hungover and REALLY needing coffee.

Since it's 5:30 am, everything is closed besides ONE (very popular) coffee shop with a line wrapped around my gate. 

With 10 minutes to spare and about 10 people in front of me, I figured I'd make it.

I stand in line... fantasizing about the coffee I'm about to be consuming, when a lady sidles up in line in front of me.

In. Front. Of. Me

SHE COMPLETELY CUT THE LINE. What are we in middle school!? Adults actually do this??

I'm not an aggressive person at all, but I can be a calm bitch when I need to be.

Gathering every ounce of patience I had, I tap her on the shoulder and say "Excuse me ma'am, you must not have noticed, but there's a long line of people that have been waiting."

With very broken English she says "I in line earlier in morning, I just came from seat" 

... ok first of all, that makes no sense. Second, bullshit. 

She turns back around, facing the register... zero f*cks given.

*breatheeee. Be the bigger person. Don't go Jerry Springer on her*

I shook my head, swallowed my pride and let it go. 

What am I going to do, push her? Pull her hair? Definitely tempting... but I didn't have the energy and wasn't in the mood to get into it.

Sometimes it's in everyones best interest to just leeeet it go. 

A few people behind be noticed the interaction. Two ladies almost lost their shit FOR me... "oh giiirl if that were me she was cutting, she'd be in trouuuble." An older man chimed in and apologized on the cutters behalf, and said I should consider the way I handled it a good deed. 

IDK if I'd consider my semi-patience a good deed, but I'll take it. Sympathy feels good RN.

The lady got her coffee, STOLE A BANANA, and walked away. That wasn't her first rodeo.

I swear some people are just different breeds of human.

*Finally my turn* I ordered a breakfast sandwich, bottle of water and an XXXL coffee.

If you're familiar with airport pricing, you know that total is equivalent to my monthly rent. 

As I'm grabbing my CC out of my wallet, the older man behind me cuts me off and hands over his card.

"You aren't paying for this... thank you for your patience with that woman, lets keep the positivity going. I hope your day gets better from here". 

It wasn't in a creepy, sugar-daddy way either.

He smiled, walked away and boarded his flight.

A good deed with no intention of return. Simply kind.

From that moment on, I couldn't stop smiling, my day did a complete 180.

... because people like him restore my faith in humanity. People like him inspire me to be a better person.

Life lesson: Don't be the ass hole that's short-tempered, cuts in line or steals bananas (lol.)

Be the person that changes someones day for the better.

Never underestimate the power of a simple, good deed. Little does he know, he inspired me to write an entire post about our interaction... in hopes that after reading this, you too go off and do something nice for someone. 

Love, light and kindness is what makes the word go around. It's what connects us all. 

Lets keep the kindness going...

(and pls don't ever cut me in line for coffee)

x jen


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Photos by: Mario Masitti / @sessionswithmario