Spring Cleaning: 6 tips to tidy up the mind.

Happy 1st day of Spring!

Spring Cleaning AKA out with the old, in with the new. 

With an interesting variety of fashion trends coming our way this season, (the majority I'll be skipping) it's time to make way in our closet for some new Spring pieces. 

Like this stunning floral print maxi that I couldn't stop twirling in *insert heart eyes*: 


Dress: Muse Maxi from Fedra Boutique, found here.

...but lets get a little deeper than the pile of clothes that'll soon be stacked on your floor post-cleaning.

It's a new week, new season... the perfect opportunity to clean out all the excess shit in our lives. This doesn't just mean that horrible fringe top you got on sale at Nordstrom 3 years ago.

I think a lot of us go about our days unaware of all the mental chaos built up over time. It's this chaos and noise that leaves us irritable, short-tempered, negative, sad and overwhelmed.

This is why we're going to press the pause AND reset button for some mental cleaning for happier, more energized versions of ourselves... if you'd like to join me? :)

1. Create a vision board: we have more control over our lives than we think. What are your goals? What do you want to do and achieve this year? One night this week organize your thoughts: get a few magazines, cut out what speaks to you, paste it on a board, hang it up... keep your hopes and dreams in constant vision. Work towards them every day, make it happen. 


2. Invest in positive, thought provoking books: ...and subscribe to Miss Lifestyler if you haven't already- we're in this shit together ;) I can't begin to describe what some of these books have done for me, they've kept me SANE. The ones I've linked below are my all time favorites, and I've read them at least twice. I highlight lines and fold over pages that resonate with me, and whenever I'm going through a hard time or feeling particularly negative, I dive in. Sometimes just reading a few highlighted lines brings me the perspective I need... I keep these 3 on my nightstand:

3. Learn to meditate: I like to say, 10 minutes a day keeps the cray-cray away. Whenever I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or just feeling bat-shit... meditation is my outlet to silence the noise. Sit somewhere comfy and quite, listen to your breath... relax every muscle in your body. Breathe in for 3 seconds, breathe out for 5. Thoughts will come... don't judge, critique or follow them. Try to let them pass. IDK about you guys but meditation for me is HARD. You don't fully realize how dominating our thoughts are until you try to control them... but learning to be able to (even for a few minutes) is a powerful tool. Guided mediation is a good start if you struggle like me, one I've been using lately: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBa8WMtUDLA

4. Tackle tasks you've been putting off: Make a list this week of things you've been procrastinating with and get to it. A dentist appointment, changing that lightbulb, clearing out your fridge, doing your taxes, getting into a gym routine. Whatever is in your home, or life in general, that you've been putting off… do them, start them, get it over with. You'll feel that extra weight you didn't even realize you were carrying being lifted away with each completed task. 

5.Create a zen area in your living space: Whether it's a room or just a corner in your home, clear out a space that makes you feel at peace. I've made my bedroom into a little boho, zen sanctuary. I got out all unnecessary bulk and added things that made me feel relaxed. I tied up a beautiful tapestry where my TV was, candles where papers and useless knick-knacks were. Flowers where that bulky lamp was. Hung up my vision board by my door, a gorgeous dream catcher by my bed... and I have a lavender diffuser going pretty much every evening. For someone that struggles with anxiety, this room has been a game changer for me. 

6. Tune in to what triggers you: check yourself and your negative thought patterns. What makes you sad? Pissed off? Are you holding on to any grudges? Still thinking of that f*ck boy? Now's the time to do something about it. Bring full awareness to what brings you down so you can learn to avoid and/or let go. 

The more we can rid our lives of anything negative, toxic, or unfulfilling ... the more space we'll have for love, light and positivity.

AKA a happier, better version of yourself.

Happy Spring cleaning:)
Jen x