Breakfast Toast: with egg whites, spinach & chia.


Good morninggg and happy Monday!

SO, March is going to be my "get fit/eat healthy" month... enough of the sugary carbs on carbs (on carbs) life I've been about these days. It's time to get back on the healthy track, and I'm starting a couple days early.... cuz, Mondays are all about fresh starts. 

I'm headed to my trainer soon, probablyyy going to be late (shocker) BUT wanted to quickly share with you one of my fav healthy breakfast recipes.

Whole grain toast + egg whites on a bed of sautéed spinach... with fresh salsa, chia seeds & sriracha atop. 

Voila. High protein, clean, healthy & delicious ingredients. Keeps you full for hours.

More detailed recipes to come.

... and if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe for more healthy recipes/fitness tips! Seriously though... on a personal note, can y'all please join me this month!? Going to need help/motivational partners!

The struggle will be a thing.

Off to go get my booty kicked at the gym.

Updates soon...

x, jen