Oscars 2017: How to Throw a Viewing Party: Oscar-Worthy Snacks & Drinks.


Lets be real, any chance to host a little get-together with my friends with food, drinks & games... I'm all over it.

I scanned my calendar for the next excuse to host and, lo and behold, Sunday, February 26th: The Oscars, 89th Academy Awards Ceremony.

Done and done! 

I love watching the glitz, glam, talent & entertainment from these types of events-- perfect opp to gather around with friends & live vicariously through these actors!

First thing's first, pick a theme for the evening: I picked red, black & gold colors (red, because well, the carpet) with decadent chocolate in everything

Not just any chocolate though... this is the OSCARS guys, it's time to get fancy.

I did some research and discovered a chocolate treat that I couldn't be more impressed with... so much so that I centered my entire theme around it. 

This company combined the 4 most popular, confectionery ingredients: caramel, hazelnut, cream & chocolate... the result: Toffifay

Let me repeat... CHEWY CARAMEL, ROASTED HAZELNUT, & CREAMY, SMOOTH CHOCOLATE. Toffifay is packaged in a sophisticated golden tray to impress only the best (aka you and your friends)

With Toffifay's hazelnut chocolate on my mind (and in my mouth), I was inspired for the rest of the evening...

1. DRINKS: I decided on a Chocolate Martini with a Crushed Hazelnut Rim.

Ingredients: cream, chocolate syrup & vanilla vodka (+ hazelnuts).

Directions: Boil 1 cup of cream... take off stove, add 5 ounces of chocolate syrup, stir until well melted & blended. In a shaker filled with ice, pour your magical concoction in along with 2 ounces of vanilla vodka (or more, no judging here). Shake. Double or triple recipe depending on # of guests.

For the rim: Spread thin layer of melted chocolate, dip in crushed hazelnuts for a gorgeous & yummy rim. Add whipped cream & chocolate shavings on-top if you're feeling extra naughty.

2. A BOARD OF FINGER FOODS: You can't go wrong with A Chocolate & Cheese Charcuterie Board. Easy, filling & delicious.

With Toffifay as the center of attention, I surrounded a couple packs of these with a fat chocolate bark & fresh hazelnuts. The rest of the board was filled with a variety of sweet & savory. Cheeses: extra sharp cheddar, gouda, brie. Meats: proscuitto & salami. Grapes & raspberries with chocolate shavings for a little extra sweetness. Garlic olives & nuts. An assortment of crackers & a jar of fig spread to complete this oscar-worthy board. 

3. POPCORN: well, duh- but not just any regular popcorn! This is a Toffifay inspired evening after all... we're not doing anything basic or ordinary. I'm talkin' Chocolate Popcorn... in the cutest little individual bags you've ever seen.

Directions: Pop yo popcorn, toss in a large ziploc bag with a few tablespoons of melted dark chocolate. Shake shake shake. Stick in fridge for 10-15 mins to dry & cool.

Note: You don't want these to be completely drenched in chocolate, just a light coating is all you need for delicious perfection. 

4. DECORATIONS: ahh the fun part! I headed to my local craft store (Michaels) to pick out a few Oscar-themed pieces. My eyes gravitated towards anything red, black, gold & well, Oscar-worthy. I picked up movie-themed stickers, individual popcorn bags, golden stars, etc... I even got a red cloth to make a faux red carpet leading up to the food table. 

You can also make drink tags with labels such as "best dressed", "best laugh", et cetera tailored specifically for your guests!

5. DRINKING GAME: ... and the winner is, EVERYONE... because we be drinkin'! What's a viewing party without a drinking game? Not much. 

Write down a list of drinking-triggers... raise your glass & tip it back when:

  1. Someone cries during their speech.
  2. A painfully-long speech is interrupted by the music.
  3. Someone brings their mom as their date.
  4. Someone trips (actually chug because, embarrassing)
  5. When a celeb takes a shameless selfie.
  6. Gaga... just Gaga.
  7. Things get political.
  8. The camera pans to the entire auditorium. 
  9. The camera pans to Christy Teigan during John Legends performance.
  10. Every time La La Land wins an oscar

HAPPY OSCARS GUYS! If y'all replicate, I better see those pics. Thx. ;)

x jen

This post is sponsored by Toffifay. For more info, visit their website here