Date Night Prep-Tips via US Weekly


Hi guys happy Wednesday!

I just got back from NY... bittersweet. Sweet because I'm back in warm/sunny weather. Bitter because, well, it's New York. LOVE that city & all the weird, quirky people in it... I attended another Bach viewing party at Printers Alley and got to meet some of y'all. After talking with some of you I think I might be 50/50 convinced on moving there in the near-ish future. IDK it may have been the tequila shots we did together, but nevertheless it got me thinking!

So the next day my friends and I headed to Walgreens for some Advil & Gatorade... at 27, your body feels about 80 after a night out. Like someone pls push me around in a wheel chair thank you. 

Anyways, while standing in line, head throbbing-- I eyed a US weekly magazine. Flipped through it to find one of my collaborations with Olay. NBD. 

I shared a couple of my date night prep-tips, including this magical Olay product (DUO sided body cleanser) for super smooooth, touchable skin-- as that's pretty mandatory for date night right?! 

Published photos by Joel Eriksson: @joel.eriksson

If you don't get a chance to pick up one this weeks US Weekly (which, you should), you can also read the article below:

How Jen Saviano Gets Ready for Date Night

OK now that we have the date-night tips down... lets find you a date. And by you I mean US, becauseee I'm with you. #SINGLE

Where the eligibles at!? ;)

- jen x