Girls Trip to Denver


hii guys!

Not going to lie, I'm a little exhausted from my nomadic tendencies these days. Bratty first world problems I know I know. One of my NYE resolutions was to travel more, and boy have I taken that seriously. 2017 has brought me to Nashville (LOVE), Dallas, Atlanta and Denver... Literally racking up miles like it's my job.

I'm not complaining in the slightest, traveling has always been a passion of mine & I'm fortunate that my career allows me the flexibility-- I love getting lost in new cities, meeting new people... trying out different restaurants, bars & hotels... scoping out the local men... ;)

Which is why I really loved Menver AKA Denver. Hence the slightly exaggerated title of this post.

My friend Lauren Barr flew in from Dallas to join me. Das my best friend.


Oh that lobby you ask? LET ME TELL YOU.

To be quite honest, I'm a bit of a princess when it comes to hotels. I'm allll about that plush robe & room service life.

We stayed at Teatro Hotel while in town. 


Walking into the lobby for the first time, which is partly a cozy, fire-lit library attached to a coffee & pastry nook... I knew it was going to be a ROUGH goodbye in a few days time.

Spoiler alert: it was.

This hotel checked everything off my hotel-checklist and then some.

... and by "then some" I mean eggnog pancakes, champagne delivery, complimentary (local) car service, excellent food, PERFECT location, friendly staff, comfortable beds... AND WHITE MARBLE WALLS EVERYWHERE. I think this hotel was made for me? Seriously moving in.

Whether or not you're staying at the hotel, you must plan for a meal at The Nickel Restaurant, located inside El Teatro. 

Order the Beat + Goat Cheese tart & the Sweet Potato dish... just trust me and thank me later. 

#roomservicegoals. I think I might come back just for these eggnog pancakes. Breakfast in bed has never tasted so good.

#roomservicegoals. I think I might come back just for these eggnog pancakes. Breakfast in bed has never tasted so good.

OK we did make it out of the hotel I swear (difficult, but we persevered).

Proof below.

We did our fair share of roaming around, shopping, breweries, *cookies, coffee shops, donut shops. Noticing a trend here? I LIKE FOOD OK. My favorite part about traveling. 

We stumbled upon this gem while completely lost (life lesson right there)...

This donut shop is called Habit Doughnut Dispensary near Confluence Park.

They specialize in creative, irresistibly naughty flavors in a really cool cafe environment. That one in the back is whiskey infused. Chase your shot with a bite of deliciously glazed donut? Don't mind if I do. 

Whenever you're having a bad day, just know this place exists & all is good in the world.

Another stumble-upon was this brewery called Epic on Walnut Street.

It was quite, em, epic... sry too convenient.

With indoor & outdoor seating and a taco food truck outside, it's understandable that it was packed at 3:00PM with a young, fun crowd.

We decided on 2 bartenders-choice IPA's and sat outside to soak up some sun & "warm" weather. (mind you, it was high 50's, basically snowing for me).

Yay more friends! Lace Morris & Lauren Bushnell live in Denver, so we got to sneak in a couple days with these babes. It only took us 53 photos and a lot of judging looks our way to get a decent one... girls I know you understand.

This was post-brunch & pre-Super Bowl at Linger. GREAT cocktails here. Can you tell?

I could go onnn and on, but I'll spare y'all and leave it at that.

Denver, love you and will be back soon. Ideally when you're a bit warmer.

Thank you Teatro for a truly exceptional hotel experience, I can't wait to be reunited with those comfy duvet linens! I'll be stalking you on social media & reminiscing until I return-- @teatrodenver .

I'm off to NYC in the morning (because you know, resolution.)

Anyone live there? Suggestions? Y'all know I love a good restaurant...

Talk soon,

Jen x - #teatrocontributor