Giant Holiday Gift Guide (For everyone)



JK, it's obviously not all about the gifts... but I know it can be a stressful time to pick out that perfect something for your loved ones. SO, I'm here to take that stress away for y'all.

I've searched the high's & low's of the web to find YOU the best options this holiday season... and damn, there are some good finds if I may say so myself. 

I told myself i was ONLY going to selflessly shop the next few days...  


After doing this gift guide, my inbox has about 12 email confirmations of products being shipped out to me this week...

ughhhhh how do you resist Beyonce on vinyl and blue mini waffle iron!? You just don't. You need them.

If you don't need them (weird), then someone you know does and they'll make the perfect gift.

That's what this gift guide is all about... cute little finds that you may not have found otherwise, that I know that special someone will love and appreciate!

I mean how does a girl receive a gift of a VINYL player and Spice Girls record to go along with it and NOT lose her shit? It's pretty much a guarantee. 

I like to call this my You-Can't-Go-Wrong Gift Guide...

Anyways, enjoy y'all & Happy shopping!


For the chill girl miss lifestyler.png
For the hostess with the mostess miss lifestyler.png
for the jet setter miss lifestyler.png
For the dude miss lifester.png
Holiday Gifts Under $50.png

PSA FOR MY FELLOW ONLINE SHOPPERS: (not an ad*) if y'all don't already use Ebates... do yourself a favor and start today. IDK about you, but I buy EVERYTHING online these days because well, convenient... and Ebates basically just gives you a little kickback for the things you're already buying. Free money.

For example... I just SPLURGED on a $1500 purse I've been wanting for a while. Neiman Marcus was offering 14% cash back at the time... so I purchased through Neiman's & got a $210 check in the mail. 

There's literally no downside. 

If you download the Ebates tab to your browser, (while on desktop/laptop), it's super easy to see what sites allow you to enable Ebates. You click on the little browser popup before going through with the purchase, and whatever percentage that site is offering will be added to your ebates account. You can opt for a check in the mail, or a gift card. (I usually get a Sephora gift card!).

If you aren't already signed up, I'm giving you your first $10! Click here to get started. :)

Happy Holidays y'all! I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and found some goodies to give!

-jen xx