WTF Do I Get Her for The Holidays!?

Ahh selfless shopping. WHY IS IT SO HARD.

But y'all... NO MORE procrastinating. Time is running out, and if you don't already have gifts for the ladies in your life... now's the time to get it done. 

The beauty of online shopping: no long lines, or circling around a crowded parking lot for a spot... just browse all your diff options in your comfy chair at home, and it's delivered to your doorstep. Kinda dangerous actually... but SUPER convenient when shopping for gifts. 

Whether it's your sister, girlfriend, mama, cousin, fiance, wife, etc... I've got you covered. 

If you're asked yourself at some point "WTF Do I get her!?", this guide is for you:

Bluetooth headphones: Dear Iphone7, you're amazing in so many ways... but this no headphone jack thing is kinda annoying. Regardless whether she has the shiny new Iphone 7 or not, it's only a matter of time until she does. 

...and besides, wireless IS quite convenient once you get used to it. You can't really go wrong with this gift. 

There are two types of people in this world: the super fit chicks, and one's that WANT to be super fit. Here are a few gym staples that she's sure to love.

Yoga pants: these are my ALL TIME favorite yoga pants made by Alo. Perfect fit, extremely comfortable and most importantly... so stylish. 

Fun sports bra: marble, cuz... how could you go wrong? 

Swell bottle: perfect gift. Keeps your drinks COLD all day long... I fill this baby with lemon water and have it in my purse always && of course the marble makes me happy.

Non-slip yoga mat & pretty resistance band. Ladies... if you don't already have a resistance band, you may need to do a little selfish shopping for a sec & put this in your cart. I won't tell. Your toned body next month will thank me. 

Contour Kit: SO I haven't used this one yet, but so many beauty bloggers have raved about it so I just ordered. I also linked some BA contour brushes below.

Muddy Body: if you're looking for a face mask, the Muddy Body is my new favorite! The detox ons is amazing for drawing out toxins & dirt, all while using CLEAN ingredients AKA vegan/all natural. I've partnered with them to get y'all a discount: use code JENSAV11 @ checkout to save some $$.

Hair Turban: I just did a sponsored post with Aquis Hair turban, and a lot of you asked if it was legit. YES. I'll never go back to wrapping my wet hair in a regular towel again #princess. Hair turbans cut drying time in half by the absorbing fabric... no rubbing necessary = no more breakage.

Blow Dryer: If she's still rocking the same blow-dryer circa '10 like I am, gift her with a new & improved one. (HINT, Mom. Thx)

Whether it's a champagne flute set, a golden shaker or pineapple shot glasses... bar cart accessories are pretty & loved by everyone. 

?Vinyl player – an apartment STAPLE. I have mine playing in the background pretty much all day, every day. It ranges from real classy likee Frank Sinatra to the unedited Weeknd album.

There's literally no way she won't enjoy this in her home. Get a few of her fav records to go along with it. 

Shop BellaC Wishlist:


Marble... shocker. 


Bracha: Dream Big Ring ($90) 

Get a cute frame to go with this for some perfect wall candy. 

For the Love Wall Print, $20.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 6.53.18 PM.png

Tassel anything is just fun & festive... not to mention it's all the rage this season. NYE earrings?

Holiday Soiree Tassel Earrings, $28.



Anything else y'all want to see for the Holidays?

Think I'll put together a post on New Years Eve outfits. Becauseee who actually knows what they're wearing for NYE already!? Not I. 

Talk soon!!
Jen x

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Example: Neiman Marcus right now is 12% cash back. So if you buy a $200 dress, that's likeee over $20 straight into your account.

I MEAN, basically free money. Zero downside.

This isn't sponsored, I'm just really passionate about it because I love online shopping (lol). AND I know that everyone would be using it if they knew about it.

You're shopping at these stores anyways, might as well get a nice little kickback. 

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Happy shopping!

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