NORDSTROM Fall Clearance Picks!

oh hello!

So I got an email reminding me of the NORDSTROM fall clearance sale going on. I sifted through mannnny pages to find my fav's for you guys... because lets be real, there's a reason most of the sale items are on sale.

BUT I found a ton of stuff... almost all of these items are in my shopping cart right now... and then some. 

My picks:

  • The perfect faux-leather jacket for under $100.
  • This criss cross top is CHEAP and effortlessly stylish with dark skinnies.
  • 100% necessary silk pajamas... because who doesn't love waking up feeling like a sexy goddess? 
  • Over the knee booties because, trendy.
  • QUAY sunnies, I stock up with an extra pair or 4 whenever these are on sale.
  • Black clutch + tassel bucket bag... necessary staples for UNDER $20.
  • This necklace I HAD to add, it's basically free.
  • THESE BLACK BOOTIES. YES, just yes. 


Apparently I'm really into black & neautrals RN!? Anyways... check out the entire Nordstrom sale and fill me in with any other goodies I missed! 

happy shopping,

x jen