DIY Memory Jar for 2016


DIY Memory Jar for 2016 New year, new traditions... Although the past 2 years I’ve kept this special tradition for myself.

Today I opened a jar of memories from 2015 and I’m bursting with gratitude and happiness… so much so that I neeeed y’all to do the same for 2016.

Looking back on this year, what do you remember?

… life is moving quickly and when we look back years from now, we’ll realize that it’s an accumulation of the simple things that happen day in and day out that make our hearts happy and full.

What if you could have a book of those small (or big) special moments!?

Welllll ya can, and it only takes a few moments here and there to create this keepsake.

Whether it’s a simple compliment, a family vaca, a fun girls night, a great dinner, a new person coming into your life… anything that makes your heart happy and grateful at the time: write a sentence about it on a post it note, fold it up and stick it in a jar.

Before you know it it’s the end of the year and you can sit down and unfold the year, one beautiful memory at a time like I did today. As you’re unfolding and reading, place them into a photo album one by one. You’ll cherish this album forever!

It puts into perspective how quickly time flies and gets you excited for all the new memories to come.

What’s your 2016 going to look like!? 

Wishing YOU all the love, happiness and unforgettable moments in the New Year.

Xx, jen