A Note to all Women


A note to all women: …. (and anyone else that could use it)

So I’m feeling a little inspired today by a quote that I came across:

Admire someone else's beauty withoutquestioning your own (2)
Admire someone else's beauty withoutquestioning your own (2)

 Seriously guys. Comparing yourself to others is the c***blocker of confidence and happiness.

Don’t do it.

As soon as you start comparing yourself to others and questioning what you have is when jealousy and resentment creeps on in. We’ve all been there and know what it feels like.... Jealousy doesn’t feel too great- and there’s nooo need for it to be there.

You will always come across someone that has nicer hair, skin, teeth, or body than you…Sometimes all the above! (whaddup VS models) It’s inevitable. It sucks sometimes but only because we have the wrong perspective.

…and what’s sad is when those try to put others down when they feel intimidated by their beauty, success, etc… It’s their attempt to bring them down to what feels like “their level or worth” to make themselves feel more equal. Does it really work? No. 99% of the time you aren’t bringing anything down besides the quality of who you are as a person.

Here’s the thing. Every.single.person has their unique beauty, on the inside and out. I guarantee that YOU will always have qualities others don’t and vice versa. AND GOOD NEWS!! There’s room for all sorts of beauty! If everyone were the same, well then this world wouldn’t be very beautiful would it??

  • Instead of comparing: accept your differences.
  • Instead of questioning: BE CONFIDENT.
  • Instead of bringing others down: lift them up.

As soon as you can do this, the more beautiful you’ll be.

I know I know… crossing paths (or knowing) an Adriana Lima may make your ego want to run and hide, but I can promise you that no one on this planet will take away from your qualities and what you have to offer.

Stop questioning.

You are beautiful.