10 Effortless Tips to a Healthier You


10 Effortless Tips to a Healthier You


1. Water, water, water: say adios to your sodas and calorie-infused drinks and swap them for water with your meals. This is a healthy habit that everyone will benefit from. Try sparkling water with lemons for a refreshing twist -> w| a splash of vodka on the weekends… JK...

Am I though...

2. Prep your food on Sundays: do you know what makes fast food so tempting? It’s fast… and cheap… and good… but with a little preparation you can have a healthy little fast food joint goin’ on in your kitchen.

Examples: I precook a few of my go-to’s in bulk: chicken, ground turkey, quinoa, brown rice… I’ll also pre-chop some veggies & fruit. I store in BPA-free airtight containers (because I’m a non-toxic freak) and freeze individual portions.

I also make these healthy breakfast burritos with whole wheat tortillas filled with eggs, veggies, beans, etc…and wrap/freeze individually, all I need to do is plop in microwave in la manana (I’ll do a post on them soon).

So make it easy on yourself and be prepared for the week… go to the store on Sundays, buy your healthy stuff and get cookin’ and choppin’ for a couple hours on your 'Sunday-Funday' afternoon.

3. Morning abs in bed: that’s right, in bed… there’s literally no excuse not to do this one. Get into a habit of 5-10 min abs when you open your eyes… planks, crunches, bicycles… whatever gets those tummy muscles tightenin’… in.yo.bed. When that alarm goes off on your phone (do people have actual alarm clocks these days?), turn on your fav Spotify playlist and dedicate just a few minutes to some toning. It’s so effortless you can do it with your eyes closed. (yep. that is indeed, what she said.)

4. Hold the cheese at restaurants and ask for the dressing on the side: Most of the time they drench your salad with an unnecessary amount of calorie-loaded dressing. Ask for it on the side and you’ll be amazed how little you actually care for… and next time you get asked “Would you like some parm cheese on that?” You better believe you’ll think of me and this post.

5. Invest in a good multivitamin, take everyday: it’s best to supplement your healthy eating with a great multivitamin, as it’s an easy way to fill small nutritional gaps. Go to your health food store and ask for a high quality pill. I personally prefer soft gel capsules over hard tablets, I feel like it’s easier for your body to digest.

6. Make your coffee healthier: Like your coffee sweet? Switch from sugar to honey: What about creamy? Choose a splash of organic coconut or almond milk over cream. Flavored? Add a sprinkle of cinnamon... it gives it a naturally yummy flavor AND helps regulate blood sugar levels. I know coffee is pretty personal and most people are set on their ways, w| a don’t F with my coffee mentality…. But if you make these transitions you’ll enjoy it just as much in no time, promise.

7. Spend 5 minutes a day to meditate: close your eyes, relax, focus on your breathing and allow yourself to be absorbed in the present moment… finish with a positive thought and you just made your day 10x better.

8. Switch from chemically loaded body lotion to organic coconut oil: coconut oil is my favorite thing in the world and it is hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever had. It’s the only “product” I use on my face at night as well and it’s alllll natu-ral… oh and you’ll smell like a Caribbean princess. Win win.

9. Dry brush your skin every night: give the largest organ in your body some TLC w| dry brushing. Have ya’ll heard of it? For those that haven’t, all you do is get a dry bristle brush and brush in long sweeping motions starting from your feet working your way up (always towards the direction of your heart). Brush several times in each area. Rinse off in shower. Benefits? Exfoliates dead skin (obvi), unclogs pores and de-congests skin, but most importantly it stimulates your lymphatic system which helps remove toxins from the body.

10. Put your booty to work when watching TV: I rarely watch tv, but when I do I’m never sitting on my couch because it’s precious time to be productive as well. Lay on the floor with a mat to stretch your muscles and do light abs/squats while enjoying your show. It doesn’t have to be the entire time, even 10-15 minutes is better than nothing.


That’s it… these are my 10 healthy effortless tips to a healthier you.

Of course cardio and all that is important, but this post is all about the little things we do every day that accumulate over time. Make sure you’re daily routine & habits are benefiting you in some way, and I promise your future self will thank you.

What are YOUR healthy habits/tips!? Tell, tell!

*Sippin' on my lemon water...*

Talk real soon,

Xx, jen

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