Crossed You Out Black Top


Hi my name is Jennifer and I'm in love with a top... more specifically, the Crossed You Out Black Top from Hot Pink Hanger


this love didn't start at Hot Pink Hanger...

Short story:

A few weeks back I was shopping at a local boutique (rare occurrence I promise), when I laid eyes on this beaut, which happened to be on the mannequin. I checked it out front and back like it was Eric Decker walking past me... kind of but not really... no, not really at all... but you get my point.

Ok "done and done" with little butterflies in my stomach... you know, the kind you get when you come across something in a store your obsessed with? No? Just me?

Anyways, I found the same top on the rack, grabbed a size S and headed to the register. As I was approaching the checkout I decided to take a peak at the price tag ($72) and was slightly very offended, only because I was familiar with the brand name and their wholesale price points.

However it was exactly what I wanted for happy hour that evening, a simple yet effortlessly sexy top. So I caved. I reluctantly handed over my credit card, while making a mental note to never buy retail from a brick & mortar boutique again.

SAD PART OF STORY OVER, are you still with me? Good because it's about to get better.

As some of you know, I was in Vegas for the Magic Tradeshow a couple weeks ago (you can read about this trip along with sneak peaks here.)

I was sifting through clothing at one of my favorite lines, and guess which top I came across?

Yepppp the same one I just spend $72 bucks on. My bitter feelings were surpassed by excitement knowing I get to pass it along to all of ya'll ;)

...and guess what? You won't be paying $72 for it, or $62... or even $52.

Black Backless Tank

Black Backless Tank

Black Backless Top

Black Backless Top



So cute right!?

Crossed You Out Black Top, found here, for just $42 (free shipping)

Like the name?

It was inspired by my feelings towards that boutique I initially bought it from.... *still bitter*

Exclusively for my Lifestylers:

20% off code: crossout20

Talk soon,

xx jen