Skinny Girl Detox Water


I LOVE DETOX WATER . ...and detox water loves me.

If you’re looking for a healthy and refreshing alternative to soda or plain-jane water ::yawn:: , then listen up!

Detox water is basically fruit infused water that gives you an extra healthy & yummy boost. It’s super refreshing, low cal and loaded with health benefits.

There are plenty of combinations but I like to keep it simple with these 3 magical ingredients:

Lemon: Lemons are my favorite fruit ever. I put lemon on my veggies, in my water, on my face (yes really), in my tea, on grilled meat, etc… You name it, and I’ve probably put it in it, on it, and around it.

AND the benefits match the taste, yay! Lemons give you a vitamin C boost, detoxify the liver, freshen breath, reduce inflammation and are overall incredible. I could will do a single post all about lemons and their benefits.

Mint: Mint helps aid in digestion and is the overall YUM factor to this water.

Cucumbers: cucumbers are super hydrating and contain antioxidants that help battle free radicals.

Water: Hydration is SO incredibly important for your overall health and most of us don’t drink even a fraction of what we should be drinking daily.

You can use flat water OR sparkling water for this drink. If you use sparkling water, then the below ingredient kinda sorta pairs perfectly.

Vodka: OPTIONAL. Hey it's all about balance, right? Benefits? Well, we all know a few don't we.

Detox water by day, cocktail by night.

Is this drink magical or what?

This concoction seriously tastes like you should be in your robe & slippers about to experience the best spa day of your life…

You know, that kind of day where the only care in the world is whether to add alcohol or not.

Slice the lemons and cucumbers, break up mint leaves and toss into flat or sparkling water. Squeeze extra lemon juice for added benefits.



Has anyone else tried this? Do you add anything different!? Do tell! :)

x, Jen