DIY Hangover Kit

Hangover Kit
Hangover Kit

DIY Hangover Kit

We've all been there and know how  it feels, why not be prepared next time!?

Bachelorette party? Girls trip? Birthday party? Put a few hangover-essential items in a basket and you'll soon have the recipient giggling and prepped for the morning after!

I've made this kit a few times for special occasions- it's super easy, inexpensive and always a hit!

Let's take a look at what I included:

  • Ginger ale: ginger helps battle the wooziness.
  • Advil: duh, headaches.
  • Pepto & Tums: for the roller coaster that goes on in tummy.
  • Gatorade: to rehydrate, helps replace electrolytes.
  • Clear eyes: for redness relief
  • Saltine crackers: Insta-food! Dry crackers are best for nausea.
  • Espresso shots: caffeine for that extra pick-me-up.

Pair this basket with these survival tips for hangover relief.

Anything else you would add to my DIY Hangover kit?