Iced-Coffee (literally)


Iced-Coffee (literally) My mornings look a little somethin' like this: My obnoxious alarm goes off and I automatically reach for the snooze button. After the 2nd or 3rd snooze, I start emotionally bribing myself with a big, hot cup of coffee. *eyes start to open & I slowly sit upright* I put my slippers on and shuffle my way to the kitchen. Not so much by choice- it's sort of like a magnetic pull takes over me and brings me toward the coffee machine (ya hi I'm an addict). I precede to robotically make myself a MASSIVE batch. I'm still not sure why I do this, as I never have more than 1 cup. Apparently my half-asleep brain thinks I need a serving size for 8 people. Fun fact: I am NOT a morning person So I get my caffeine fix early in the a.m and go about my day. Usually 1 hot cup in the morning will do the trick, but sometimes I want that extra ICED pick me up in the hot afternoon (I live in Florida, ya'll. Sorry Northerners!) This is why I never throw out my overzealous amount of coffee that remains in my pot at the end of the day. I get to make yummy iced-coffee without watering it down with plain-jane ice cubes, yay! All you gotta do:

  • Fill up your ice trays with coffee.
  • Freeze.

You now have coffee cubes. (hereby referred to as, "crack-cubes")

Want ICED COFFEE? Pour coffee over your crack-cubes. Milk/cream optional (I use a splash of coconut milk.) Want an ICED LATTE? Pour half milk/half coffee into your cup of crack cubes. As they melt, your latte will get stronger and stronger. You're welcome.

How do you like your coffee!?