Easy Heart Shaped Cake


So guys are simple creatures (like obnoxiously simple) with only a couple measly keys to their heart. I’ll keep this PG and talk about the main one, which his through his STOMACH! Guys love a good meal and great dessert, and they love it that much more when


 are the one making it.

…and what’s yummier and sexier than a red velvet cake on Valentines Day!?

K a couple things come to mind BUT this is at the top of the “in the kitchen” list for sure:)

On the day of l o v e, calories don’t count… and let’s be real-our boys won’t be impressed with a gluten & dairy free cake recipe that you found on Pinterest. They like the good stuff filled with naughty ingredients, so lets give 'em what they want.

Also, I’m all about home-made and I’m usually against the boxed stuff. Buuut there’s nothing wrong with simplifying your desserts every once in a while, especially when you’re short on time and don’t want to spend a lot of mula$$. Let’s keep it simple... This one in particular is cheap, delicious, easy, and completely idiot proof….

Ehh, kinda sounds like I’m describing a man’s ideal girl?;)

Well, ideal girl AND cake.

It’s extremely easy. If you mess this up, then you probably aren’t meant to be in the kitchen. And just wait ‘till you see how gorgeous this turns out!!! HEART shaped? Fresh red roses? Come onn!

So here’s what I did… Go to the store and grab the following:

  • 2 boxes of your fav red velvet cake mix (I used Duncan Hines)
  • 2 containers of frosting of choice (I used cream cheese frosting because, yum.)
  • sprinkles
  • whatever pretty flowers your little romantical heart desires…

Make sure you have a 9” square pan and 9" circular pan (or 8" and 8") to make this heart shape… because who actually owns a heart shaped pan??

Follow the directions to bake your easy, cheater cake…

While the yumminess is baking, cut your flowers with about 1.5 inches of stem left.

Let the cake cool down…

Cut the circular cake in half


Place each half on the upper slants of your square cake. *put a little frosting in between to bind them together* no Elmers needed..

Frost, frost, frost all over. I put a triple coat on mine. Thicker the better...

Now to make it pretty, dust the sprinkles and stick your flowers wherever you’d like.

And just like that it looks like you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen for him. Ignorance is bliss, babe. 

Pairs well with a bottle of red & the Weeknd album ;)

What's your go-to V-Day dessert?